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Photo jugement

Judging America, les photos qui provoquent les préjugés


Série fotográfica mostra como somos preconceituosos

These Portraits Of Powerful Men And Women As Societal Stereotypes Are Shocking

Former U.S. Marine Joel Parés' series, "Judging America," consists of paired portraits that combine stereotyped images with photos of the portrait subjects as they see themselves

Which One is Real? Powerful Portraits Challenge Stereotypes

Dallas-based photographer Joel Parés challenges our most common prejudices with a straight-forward photo project called “Judging America.

The “Judging America” series by American photographer Joel Parés, a former U.S Marine who decided to challenge our prejudices and stereotypes with portrait diptychs. Harvard graduates, CEOs of major companies, nurses and veterans are transformed into gangsters, strippers, drug dealers, homeless or undocumented immigrants, pointing the easy judgments based on profession, ethnicity or sexual orientation…

Judging America – Un photographe provoque les préjugés et les stéréotypes (image)

Photographer Joel Pares is attempting to put racial and ethnic stereotypes at the forefront and center in his new photography series, Judging America.

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