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No performances were performed in the making of this motion picture lol.Tom Hiddleston- King of Sassgard <- Ha! So funny!<-- I love sassy Tom

Maybe I need to join the army...

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"Look, even the US Army is fangirling over Tom Hiddleston." Had to pin it, it is too funny. Look at the guy's face!

Guyyyyssss.... An army of Tom Hiddlestons....? Are you thinking what I'm thinking....? :D

An army of Tom Hiddlestons, he could duplicate himself for every fan girl in the world lol

In case you're having a bad day, loves

In case you're having a bad day. here's Tom Hiddleston blowing you a kiss.<---* Holy butter on a bagel, this makes my soul happy.

Tom Hiddleston tells an offensive joke. SO CLASSY. That is the least offensive offensive joke I have ever heard. What a cutie.

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Yes to all but I would prefer black ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

loki-li-cious: “ I prefer black but all are good ” Any - I don’t care about the hair. It’s the man I want.

I don't know why but I couldn't stop laughing!! This is just so perfect!! Abd it strangly reminds ms of an episode in icarly

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If Tom Hiddleston were the Old Spice Guy.<<<<~ I wish Tom was the old spice guy.