Your birthright … was to die! As a child. Cast out onto a frozen rock. If I had not taken you in, you would not be here now to hate me.

Ooooh Loki what he said was NOT true although it was a fact of the matter at the time. Your birthright is to be a king.


Loki ((Winter means long, *long* nights in a truck for me…and playing with this guy’s face is the best therapy for my rapidly escalating winter blues.

Tom Hiddleston ❤

“"People sometimes introduce me and say, 'This is Loki' and I say, 'My name is Tom.

The words used are the title of a fanfic manuscript that I’m working on.

The way he looks at Thor... like he can't believe his brother isn't pounding him to a pulp right now... Oh Loki, why can't you see how loved you are???

he can't believe thor isn't beating him senseless. it's sad tha th he either doesn't see or doesn't care that thor still loves his brother

favorite villain.

Tom Hiddleston in one of my favorite Loki images! We can feel Loki's heartache-we ache for him!