old hospital but if a pop up somes and you have an injury youre going to have to go to the hospital

old hospital but if a pop up somes and you have an injury youre going to have to go to the hospital

Aradale Mental Hospital | The Corpse Grinder... | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Australia, Ararat, Aradale Mental Hospital - The Corpse Grinder How horrible! (And what a dreadful job for whoever had to operate it) I've never heard of this device before.


12 Photos Effrayantes d'Asiles Psychiatriques du Passé

Antique Enamel Medical / Hospital Cart by FarmAndFactory on Etsy, $975.00

All original and very good condition, White enamel top with Navy Blue carriage wheels. Cart does fold.


Jewish Cemetery in the centre of Prague, Czech Republic: the oldest cemetery in Europe. gravestones, but many more buried in the layers underneath. 11 cemeteries built on top of one another!

Covered mortuary trolley, England, 1895-1905

catafalques: “ Covered mortuary trolley, England, Underneath this stained canopy was placed the body of a deceased person before removal to a mortuary. The stretcher can be used separately.

Mortuarium Schoonselhof in Antwerp, Belgium was left abandoned during the Tools and chemicals in the autopsy room, weren't moved before the location became known to photographers in

Waverly Hills Sanatorium located in Louisville, Kentucky is often referred to as the ‘Most Haunted Hospital’ in America. Perhaps best known of all of Waverly’s otherworldly residents is the spirit of a former nurse who reportedly hanged herself in room 502...

10 Photos of Ghostly Apparitions Captured in Haunted Hospitals and Insane Asylums

waverly hills Room 502 where the nurse killed herself after finding out that she was pregnant and had TB

Abandoned Pool Park Mental Hospital, Ruthin, Wales.  It was built as a manor house between 1826-29 for the second Lord Bagon.  In 1937 the house was sold to the North Wales Counties Mental Hospital who developed the property into a hospital to relieve the overcrowded Denbigh Asylum.  It had accommodation for 87 patients.  The hospital closed in 1990.

Pool Parc Hospital, was rebuilt in opened as a hospital in closed in 1990 and has been abandoned ever since.look at the wasted beauty & think about the care once provided.

A bathroom of an abandoned mental asylum which seems to have years of dried blood oon the floor.

“Central Clinical Hospital, Children’s Department”, Russia. I do not wanna know what happened here

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