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The third comic of our journey to launching the Twitch stream! Tap to view the full comic!

Need something to get through this long Monday at work? These illustrations by Loading Artist are just perfect for you!

4-Panel Life :: BATH INVADER | Tapastic Comics

Has happened soooooo many times uh like twice.- Natalie Stemple ^ started doing this so that people know how genius I am - Natalie Stemple

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25+ Hilarious Comics By Loading Artist That Will Make Your Day

never mind the new car

Took me a minute to realize that those were bees and I would be walking too

"I wish for two more wishes" "I want infinity money whenever wherever, and a fully charged phone so I can call someone to get me off this island" (BOOOM OUTSMARTED) (what I would say if this was me)

Funny pictures about Magic Lamp. Oh, and cool pics about Magic Lamp. Also, Magic Lamp photos.

Seriously. I cant believe I did that shit. Didnt realize the stick figure AFTER I fucking did it.

You just have to

When I first saw this I didn't see the second part of the image so I tested the gun thing then scrolled down and read the rest of the image.i totally fell for it and after that i laughed like an idiot