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Concept Motorcycle FB R200S

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Saietta R Electric Motorcycle I've never really given much consideration to electric motorbikes. The ones I’ve seen have far too often looked somehow cobbled together, probably a necessity due to the size of the batteries, needed for a sensible range, being shoehorned into a conventional bike shaped package. Add in the fact that there’s a general perception that electric motorcycles are slow and can’t be ridden far before they need a recharge and you can see why I wouldn’t be that…

This Saietta electric motorcycle reminds me of Star Wars Battle droids. or maybe a little bit of General Grievous


Triumph Rocket III Concept Motorcycle - Roger Allmond Bennett's Insurance UK commissioned top British Bike Builder Roger Allmond to build t.


The Suzuki Biplane is a concept motorcycle inspired by Biplanes, and first revealed at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show.


The Audi RR Concept Bike If you’ve ever wondered what an Audi motorcycle might look like, then let Damien Viczarra of Design show you his interpretation.