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Charlotte by marzia frank

Charlotte by marzia frank

Meet Banye, the Adorable Surprised Cat

Meet Banye, the Adorably Surprised Cat

Meet Banye, an British Shorthair whose chin fur makes him look like he’s in a constant state of surprise. The adorable feline lives in Shanghai, China with his owner Winnie

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Chaton curieux

"This is my box. Are you looking at my box? Get away from my box!

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by Jan Igaard - Amazing photo of cat drinking water from the faucet

"Cats hate a closed door regardless of which side they're  on.  If they're out, they want to get in.  If they're in, they want to get out." --Lillian Jackson Braun

Let me in…. – Judith van der Graaf "Everyone see the cat in the picture.I see the door and the floor.