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Image result for black and silver horse

Image result for black and silver horse

Kusje erop....❤️ www.limburgsruiterhuis.nl

A kiss on the head? Or does that baby's hair look like hay? Photo by pamela…

Colic checklist

Colic Symptom Checklist for Horses Colic Symptom Equisearch - something every horse owner should be aware of

Is it weird that the thing I’m most amazed at it how clean he is?

Best Pals Stoli & Bicardi photo by Rowdy Kates.


In Kentucky Spring is beautiful with horses running in fields and new foals! Best time of year!

Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.” Macbeth, Act scene.


I love the strong emotions in this picture. Typically the lioness is the one in charge, the one who hunts and takes care of the babies but here she surrenders, gives up her power momentarily to engage to the lion's sweet play.