Giving Gelato Baby a Bath - YouTube

Dont do this your rabbit unless they are really covered in poo up to their eartips. There is a chance of hypotermia or shock.

Durable Squirrel Feeder s guaranteed for life! A fun design in new recycled plastic, this poly lumber squirrel feeder features a table and chair where squirrels can actually sit and eat corn from the

Table and Chair Squirrel Feeder - Recycled Plastic

Recycled Poly Squirrel Table & Chair Feeder, Quality Recycled Plastic Squirrel Feeders at Songbird Garden

Baby rabbit

Rabbit kitten standing up to feed on fresh plant leaves. By Simon Roy, via

Mountain cottontail (Sylvilagus nuttallii) bunny on rock near flower by Daniel J Cox on Getty Images

Mountain Cottontail, near Mountain Wallflower~ Spring. "Honey Bunny" lives at our Moonridge cabin.


Wild bunny stops by in the morning and at dusk. Nibbles the clover at the edge of the woodline and hops around the back yard. He also loves when the raspberries are in season.

bun bun

Garden rabbit - back yard, last night, looking to see if I started my garden yet.