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Planetary metals (alchemy):

Seven planetary metals - occult/alchemical symbols (by Hilde Heyvaert) i realy want silver/moon symbols

Natural  symbols: These symbols have been used for many years by tribes and bush folk. They represent all different natural symbols.Strong strokes and colors help communicate the meaning of each symbol.  Also shapes are a big influence as well to compose balance and meaning.

Celtic Ogham Few Information.

Ancient Irish Celtic Symbols Ogham Runes of Ancient ''Druid Spells, Incantations and Intentions'', ''Fewsets Basic'' Ancient Symbols of ''Higher Spiritual Power and Magic'' The Ancient Magical Language of The ''Ancient Celtic Irish Druids''.

La tabla alquimica de Simbolos.

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The Viking Alphabet | Private swap with Norway_girl in Norwa… | Flickr

Runer The Viking Alphabet. Wallpaper and background photos of Runer The Viking Alphabet for fans of Vikings (TV Series) images.