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Propnomicon: Necromancer's Staff

Sander Propworx returns with this wonderfully vile Necromancer& Staff . It& made from cast foam and completely safe for LARP combat.

Art Passions is Gustave's website: http://www.artpassions.net/cgi-bin/dore_image.pl?../galleries/dore/paradise_lost_2.jpg

Forthwith upright he rears from off the pool His mighty stature - Gustave Dore

"I can see them all. Every one." He writhed. Sam came around the corner just then. When he saw Jase, he rushed to his side and started trying to calm him.

(Open for anyone) He lay on the cage floor, writhing in pain. They were subjecting him to electric shocks. Everyone in the room of cages was suffering from them.

Lorenzo Casanova

Lorenzo Casanova