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We r kitties. Bum ba dum dum bum ba dum. The Art Of Jun Kumaori

The Art Of Jun Kumaori

Jun Kumaori is 23 years old, Japanese, and one of my favorite artists. Here's a small selection of her amazing work.


Vivid Intricacies and Zhou Fan

Portfolio of paintnigs by Zhou Fan - Chinese Contemporary Artist. Zhou Fan was selected as one of the top 3 emerging Chinese contemporary artists at the Chinese Ar Prize in

Illustrations by Jae Liu WUBAO

Jae Liu WUBAO ““Itchy - by gunnmgally on DeviantArt (Jae Liu WUBAO/五宝 Republic of China) ” WebSite (Please, don’t remove the authorship of the art works)

cathryn virginia

Real excited that I get to show off this piece I did for Zaftig “Delusion” by the awesome Jacob Sanders! Thanks for letting me contribute.

Raphael Urwiller

I love the bright blocks of colour in these illustrations by Raphael Urwiller. The French artist relies on the tradition of screen-printing art, but takes