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''Dean isn't homosexual, he's multidimensional-wavelength-of-celestial-intent-sexual.

Supernatural fanart. Endverse AU Mark of Cain. OMG the end, but OMG this comic! It's amazing art

Endverse AU Mark of Cain. OMG the end, but OMG this comic! It's amazing art<<< but it hurts so much.

I'll never get over this hahahaha

Hunter-locked-in-a-tardis: Jensen looks like he’s trying to get Rob and Osric to bed.

I was flipping through stations the other day and comws played me and my mom both almost screamed i swear

"Do you ever watch season 1 and just cry because they have no idea? My friend just started watching Season One and she told me "If I didn't know better, I would say Dean dies, but there are nine seasons, so he can't.

It literally just ships itself

Sammy tho, he's kinda like. Yep, you're pretty much stuck with this one.<<<sammy ships it

YAAAASSSSSSSS. DESTIEL IS ACTUALLY CANON. I lived it when dean said that Cas was family but to know that he was supposed to say "I love you"? THAT'S THE MOST FANTASTIC THING EVER.

Of course Dean loves Cas! There family why do people get so excited over something that's really not a big deal? I love that they love each other, but that's what families do!

Okay then

I believe Cass faltered and didn't finish his sentence because I believe endverse Cass and Dean had a sexual relationship and Cass was remembering that. I love destiel so much.