Little Red Riding Hood.. 8.5" x 11 cut paper; Cut black, red and white on a gray background.

A tunnel book based on the song 'Short Stories' by Patrick Wolf Height: Width: Depth: approx. I hope I put this in the right category YT vid of Short Stories if you haven't liste.

i wear blood on my hands... by on @deviantART

but not on my Conscience. pen/graphite/acrylic paint/water color was used i wear blood on my hands.

Little Red Riding Hood by kanmi on DeviantArt

My take on Little Red Riding Hood. Art © Camille Tools-Tablet, Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood by

sketch for a ten ton sketch challenge. [link] Little Red Riding Hood

This is Nightmare, she's really ugly and fat and she loves to eat people and wolves. Did I mention she is a big butt as well as Jaime.

After the war, insanity struck the soldiers hard. Driving them madder than anyone would have ever expected. (Kreuz by WolfRoad)