Bran, Game of Thrones

Commission illustration and for portfolio purposes.Indian ink illustration, with a touch of white acrylic.

La diffusion de saison 3 de Game of Thrones vient de débuter hier soir aux Etats-Unis. Avec le succès mondial des livres de Georges R. R. Martin et de la série de HBO, Game of Thrones est devenu en peu de temps un phénomène international. Si vous ne l’avez pas lu ou vu, vous en […]

47 fantastiques fan art de Game of Thrones

Eddie Stark from Game of Thrones The Paper I use is Bristol Board Extra Smooth, The pencils I used are Faber Castel pencils. Eddie Stark - Game of Thrones

Robb by *DalisaAnja on deviantART

Richard Madden as Robb Stark realistic portrait painted by digital artist Anja Dalisa. The image is a Game of Thrones fan art illustration and is based on the character created by George R. Martin for the book and TV show A Song of Ice and Fire.


30 day challenge day 6 - currently favourite series Game of Thrones I am terribly late with this one Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones/Concept Art Illustration/Ania Mitura/Ygritte

Ygritte by Ania Mitura “You know nothing Jon Snow. Rose Leslie as Ygritte, Game of Thrones fanart. Character © George R. (via ArtStation - Ygritte, Ania Mitura)