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Gianni Rodari Natale tutto l’anno, si può. Se ci diamo una mano i miracoli si faranno e il giorno di Natale durerà tutto l'anno. (Gianni Rodari) Una quotidiana pillola di saggezza o una perla di ironia per iniziare bene la giornata…

Montgomery county’s school calendar will not have Christmas or Easter on it. It also won’t have Yom Kippur or Rosh Hashanah. The Muslim community in Montgomery wanted one thing: to have their religious holiday, Eid al-Adha, recognized in the same

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Twas the week before Christmas and you can& find the right place - Come to University Plaza for all the great space. Washers, Dryers, Microwaves too No need to spend your holidays all sad and blue! Come see us today or call our office at

A collection of beautiful instrumental Christmas songs and winter scenes. Relax and enjoy the holiday with traditional Christmas carols.

To know what you don't know > 8fact! that's one of the reasons i don't drink that nasty stuff Yuck!

Coca-Cola would be green color if coloring were not added to it, To know what you don't know > that's one of the reasons i don't drink that nasty stuff Yuck!

snow and white lights

The real and artificial Christmas tree can be bought both from local chain store. The best place to get a real and crude Christmas tree, and also to see a wide

So oceans in the ocean exist just like in spongebob?

WTF Facts : funny, interesting weird facts (maybe that's why that rivers and stuff like that on spongebob! I've spent a lot of time debating over this

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Story about a girl whose parents plant a tree but the girl dies. A new girl moves into the house and the tree starts growing again.

Cool facts #211 http://library.thinkquest.org/3500/Narwhal.html

Yet, all I can think of are the words of Sheogorath "If you are going to ride a narwhal, mind the pointy end!

Winter Wonderland

Christmas Tree in Snow clipart, photo, images, and cartoon pictures