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They say that too bad for the Vets. Some even say that kneeling is my form of protest. The truth is that the world is not reality TV and these folks, they sacrifice their time & innocence so those slackers can live their free-loading life.

Sacrifice is the the American Military way of life.the boomer generation all knows someone killed in a war.

Vietnam War Veteran at the Wall.. One of my favorites

"Reflections" is a nationally known painting by artist Lee Teter depicting the past and present reminiscence of a comrade and his brother that "did not come home" at the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington D.

Brother - in - Arms

Brother - in - Arms I am not a soldier. But the spirit of tenacious loyalty represented here really has touched me in a way.

Liberals and their slaves over our hero's first blacks from africa now wetbacks from mexico and those who protect these assholes get this treatment...WHY!

Our older Veterans, men and women. God Bless them as well as our current Military.

THIS is definitely an important message...The meaning of the folded flag and how to

Do You Know The Reason Behind The Flag Folding? The United States Flag Is Folded 13 Times Because…. - Do You Know The Reason Behind The Flag Folding? The United States Flag Is Folded 13 Times Because….

IN HONOR OF AMERICA'S MEMORIAL DAY, 5-30-16. Marine Corp Color Guard at Arlington National Cemetery

The Front Lines (30 Photos)

Marine Corps Color Guard at Arlington National Cemetery. God bless them for the great sacrifice they made for our freedom, our country & for each and every one of us.

God bless him and keep hiama safe, I pray America is caring for him as it should all her veterans

Bobby Henline the Well-Done Comedian. On April tragedy struck when Bobby's Humvee was hit by a roadside bomb just north of Bagdad. Of five men in the vehicle, Bobby was the only survivor. Bobby believes that God kept him alive for a reason.


The Constitution has been the law for 222 years.

This about sums it up in how I feel these days with the so called political leaders of this great Nation!  Just like the President, it's time to put a cap on the time they can be in those positions!

I've had enough of Republicans. I"v'e had enough of Democrats.