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Good Guy Horse

A horse protecting his goat buddies during a hailstorm. now that's a good friend!

Some people..... -facepalm-

Some people should not own horses well u don't even have a bridle, u don't have a saddle pad u don't have cowboys boots on our feet and the back girth is in his flank

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Reminds me of all the crazy things we used to do with our ponies when we were kids. I especially remember our attempts to do circus tricks on them and some of the disastrous results from trying to ride them while standing on their haunches!

Samy - lovely stallion!

My favorite overo paint coloring -- Sammy, palomino overo paint horse.


Rocky Mountain horse-such a pretty red chocolate I am so beau ti fulllllllllllll

My Horse ... Interpretations

Minus the "what my mom thinks." She knows Red is just a lazy sweet horsey!

Never trust a horse named Snowball.

Lmao i know a pony named snowman that has that little pony devil in him

Horse Being Funny

Horse Being Funny

terapsina: horseskeepmesane: She literally got a drink of water and then walked over to my boots and spit the water in them. Was it revenge for the braids?


By Stacy Lynne. OMG, LOVE it! Embarrassing dressage horse munching on the flowers. LOL this would so be my horse

Ohhhh that is way too cute ❤

m-e-d-i-e-v-a-l-d-r-e-a-m-s: “ A true love kiss ” I've personally seen horses "kiss". Kind of funny when you first see it.