News: Flying Pegasus Operated with LEGO Gears & Cranks

Rivendell: A LEGO creation by Dave Kaleta :

Rivendell by Dave Kaleta - Journey of the Fellowship 2011 - "Best Group Layout Brickworld & Nominated for "Best Large Building Brickworld

Rainbow Lorikeet 1 - Lego

The non-convention freindly form. it's not actually connected to the branch, it's just resting there. It's stable enough to slide around on a table (very gently!

Stunning Lego Pegasus actually moves

Stunning Lego Pegasus actually moves

Pegasus Automaton: "top ten most awesome things ever pinned" -Mark Goodson

How to Build an Endless Cube (Infinity Cube) out of LEGO Bricks - fun LEGO building challenge! Good fidget toy too.

Build an Endless Cube with LEGO® Bricks

Grab the LEGO® bucket, because this is such a fun building project! Make an endless cube, also called an infinity cube, out of LEGO® bricks. This cube transform

25 Incredible Lego Creations

25 Incredible Lego Creations

lego pencil holder

i get bored so i do stuff legos hurt my hands D: lego pencil holder