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A bit off topic because I do not wish to focus any more on the tragic ending than I already have, but I love how much taller Merlin is than Arthur in their first scene. <3

"They couldn't fight destiny when it brought them together. They couldn't fight destiny when it tore them apart." Merlin and Arthur

Bhahaha!  I was laughing like insane at this scene. Arthur was rubbing it in Merlin's face... THE HONOUR!

Arthur was rubbing it in Merlin's face. Merlin's face shows how truly pissed of he is by this guy's actions too😂

I can't believe he's dead

Omg Katie the Merlin dragon died RIP John Hurt - who gave his voice to the dragon. “The story we have been a part of will live long in the minds of men.” The Great Dragon has fallen You will be missed John Hurt.

OMG I remember this!! You were there.....No of course not here!!

Merlin and Arthur <---- The way he said "Merlin!" as he popped out from under the bed was amusing to me <---- I wish a Merlin would just pop out from under my bed :( how come Arthur gets one?

Awe <3 I just love Merlin so much!

This scene made me laugh ----- Why did the series have to end! *look at Merlin's face in the last frame. Like "darnnit!