Suspenders..that's what I'm pinning this. Love suspenders! Mmm suspenders...

Just stop. Rolling up your sleeve should not be drool inducingly sexy but when he does it, it is! I just can't take it! Ugh and the suspenders!

Contrast collar chesterfield coat | Benedict Cumberbatch

The star of "Sherlock" BBC TV-Show and "The Fifth Estate", Benedict Cumberbatch has been photographed on November cover of Esquire US.

Фотографии Шерлок | Sherlock Holmes World ♥ SHERLOCKED – 26 альбомов

Fans of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock TV series will be aware of the awesome potential of the memory palace.

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Let's talk about this jawline...<---Let's stare at his jawline...

Benedict Cumberbatch attended The Weinstein Company "The Imitation Game" brunch on November 2014 in Los Angeles.