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Timber Wolf by WolvesOnly

Sana- An average timber wolf, but for some reason doesnt think that she is. She proves this when she defeats the Sepent from River Valley.


Thing is sweeter than watching Baby Animals sleep Sleeping Red Wolf pups

I am native and this is my protector spirit and the grizzly bear is my spirit guide ...I love animals of all kinds . Check more at http://blog.blackboxs.ru

Wolf" Nope, this is a wolfdog, not a wolf. The ears are not well furred on the inside and the feet are too small, indicating some dog blood.


This shows that timber wolves (sometimes called "gray wolves") can be any color.

It's sad to think, that one day soon, we won't see them again :(  So Beautiful"

A pair of Mexican gray wolves enjoy the snow around their outdoor habitat at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago. Been here, loved the wolf exhibit.