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Il Manifesto degli Autori Indipendenti: 10 punt...

Il Manifesto degli Autori Indipendenti: 10 punti su cosa significa pubblicare indie

The Novel Twist Weekend Update (April 20th, 2014): Quote of the Week #SelfPublishing #Writing #Editing

The Novel Twist Weekend Update (April Quote of the Week

Aspiring bestselling authors pumping petrol and washing dishes, take heart. Here are the surprising day jobs of 20 famous writers.

The Surprising Day Jobs Of 20 Famous Writers

Epigraph-Literary Lingo | She's Novel

Pantsers vs. Plotters (and other literary lingo you should know)

Plotters (and other literary lingo you should know)

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Guidelines For Covering Up A Murder

Have you ever wondered how some people get away with murder? Not everyone gets to be a detective but we know quite a lot about murders and how they happen. This infographic by Top Criminal Justice Schools shows 10 ways people cover up murders

Self-publishing is not only about Kindle Store, not only about spam, and not only about $0.99 price tag. Business Web Page Creation designed…

Self-publishing by the numbers (infographic)

Self-publishing vs.Traditional publishing Using a POD Printer like Snowfall Press makes self-publishing inexpensive.

Nine Writing Jobs

9 Writing Jobs

amandaonwriting: We all need to do our writing apprenticeships. We all have to make a living while we write our books. Have you considered trying one of these writing jobs? From The Write Life Magazine