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Une série de vaisseaux spatiaux vraiment jolis !

Eve Online Avatar Titan Concept Concept art of the Avatar-class Amarr Titan.

Cool. Stuff you never knew.

This is also a pretty cool size comparison chart… thanks again evilzwaardfishy for the link. Star Trek, Star Wars and Babylon 5 all represented! Eve ships seem a bit gratuitously large, TBH.

Jaime Jasso

Enjoy the Art of Jaime Jasso, lead digital matte painter at Industrial Light and Magic.

Raata Sunset SKINs Now Available On All Tech I Amarr Hulls! - EVE Online News…

We are happy to announce that the Raata Sunset line of Designer SKINs is now availble for all Tech I Amarr ships in the New Eden Store! You can buy the Raata Sunset SKINs individually or as part of three discounted bundles.