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Love a bit of laser cutting

Funny pictures about Only one sheet of paper. Oh, and cool pics about Only one sheet of paper. Also, Only one sheet of paper.

【富山】「箸の橋つくろうぜwwww」 → 使用済み割り箸7万本を使い3年かけて完成 二人乗っても大丈夫! : はちま起稿    (via http://blog.esuteru.com/archives/6090191.html )

One Man, Toothpicks, and 35 Years: An Incredible Kinetic Sculpture of San Francisco Artist Scott Weaver spent over thirty years building this incredible kinetic sculpture of San Francisco using toothpicks.

Issey Miyake origami                                                                                                                                                      More

Art & Design research professor, Mauricio Velasquez Posada and his students have created a series of origami dresses. In Feb this was a student project called "Animorfos" but now it has evolved into "Geomorfos: the body as a metaphor of the geographical".

Surprise DIY

card - made by paper and Iron wire Could be greate idea as pictures for kids room


Volumetric and Indented Shapes in Motion

Pattern Matters: Tangible Paper Infographic Pattern Matters is a graphic design-based project inquiring on possible ways to augment the role of pattern by looking into the design process and tactile exploration through pattern making.

The illustrations in this book are revealed in layers by cutting through pages to remove unwanted text and paper. Amazing craft.

Shadow-box book- not sure I've the heart to do this to a real book, but shadowboxes and dioramas are a great way to work on a subject.

Folk Art Papercuts by Suzy Taylor: DIY Papercut Initials - intricate floral design

Papercut Initials On this board why? Get large paper letter, lay on shadow box, place paper on. Make vine work on paper in shape of letter, but without specific lines. Scan vined "letter" and save as bitmap. Convert to machine embroidery pattern

whirlpool or wormhole?

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