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The Internet's largest gallery of painted miniatures, with a large repository of how-to articles on miniature painting

PDH - Odds and Ends - Inq28 (Slaaneshii Cultist with Noise Weapon) - Page 52 - Forum - DakkaDakka | If you can't find 'that guy', you are 'that guy'.

PDH - Odds and Ends - (Slaaneshii Cultist with Noise Weapon) - Page 52 - Forum - DakkaDakka

CoolMiniOrNot - DEATH GUARD TERMINATOR with forgeword part by Artur

Plague Marine Champion in Terminator armour. Exhibition of miniatures painted by other artists from around the world.

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The journey of a rogue trader. (new with confrontation/necromunda gangers) -

ministry walker

Awesome and unique looking walker called " ministry walker" for Inquisimunda or

Astra Militarum, Inq128, Inquisitor, Merc, Warhammer 40,000

PDH - Odds and Ends - (Pilgrym - Inquisitorix Kovettell, Ordo Malleus - Horusian - painted ) - Page 51 - Forum - DakkaDakka