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This actually happened to me a few years ago.  I was Alan Greenspan and no one got it.

This happened to me and a friend this year. A friend and I were female versions of Thor and Loki, only the true nerdy fans got our costumes.>>> I was the 10 doctor for Halloween and everyone thought I was a businessman or a contractor.

#460 - There isn't a lot of fan fiction for your favorite book/movie/etc. and you have to really lower your standards

Nerd girl problem There isn't a lot of fanfiction for your favorite book/movie/etc and you have to really lower your standards

They'll fold pages to keep their place or crack the spine, don't look at me like I'm crazy I know they will I just know!

Welcome to my life. Sherlock & Spencer Reid (once again, words not mine, but yep.

DT as Kilgrave: jessica aaaaaaa Me: He's so gorgeous <3

Nerd Girl Problem "That ache in your neck when your head is turned sideways from looking at books too long.

Nerd Girl Problem #390 -- yes, it is a problem :[[

It's more like a blind girl problem not a nerd. You don't have to be a nerd to wear glasses, you just need to have bad vision

Nerd Girl Problem #258 OMG problem comes up like every day

Nerd Girl Problem 258 - You Suggest Books To Your Non-Nerdy Friends And They Don't Understand Their Awesomeness. Has happened lol