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Home made bird house's

Inexpensive projects using common household materials. Terrific ideas for all ages. Some are easy enough for toddlers and others are perfect for teens or crafty grown-ups. Great way to help your neighbourhood birds make i

Offer safe nesting materials for birds- I’m always looking for ways to not only encourage birds to visit my garden but to make them comfortable enough to stay a while. To feel secure, birds like access to trees, shrubs, flowers, and any other items they can safely perch, hide, rest, and nest upon.

Offer Nesting Materials For Birds

Neat way to use old kitchen supplies to attract birds to the yard/garden. Offer safe nesting materials for birds.

The true workhorse of any kitchen; the flour sack dish towel. Designed by Mary Lake Thompson, featuring a fantastic recipe for suet cakes!

Suet Cakes for Birds Recipe 100% Cotton Flour Sack Dish Towel Tea Towel

Charm your guests with a fabulous vintage look flour sack towel. For years, flour sack towels were the work horse of everyday kitchen life! Made of quality cotton from Egypt or India, this towel

Tea Cup Bird Feeder with Hand Stamped Bent Spoon- LOVE

Tea Cup Bird Feeder with Hand Stamped Bent Spoon- LOVE

Squirrel and Bird Feeder made of Indian corn.

Indian Corn Decorations - Decorating with Indian Corn for Thanksgiving

Paper Plate Bird Feeder for Kids to Make

32 Easy Homemade Bird Feeders

Paper Plate Bird Feeder - Kids can make an easy birdfeeder with a paper plate, raffia and cheerios - Happy Hooligans

Make a string filled bird feeder and watch as the birds take pieces to make their nests.

DIY Friday

short, naturally-died yarn scraps for bird nest building in suet feeder dispenser