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Solo Damon. Damon e basta. — Damon Salvatore Alphabet meme: Dancing

Attento a quelle mani, Mr Salvatore!

Watching “The Vampire Diaries”… This is actually very true

Damon is the only one that can make me cry! And Stefan, but Damon, I start BAWLING so hard people would think I'm physically hurt

damon salvatore from the vampire diaries throughout the years...he aged very nicely. || ian somerhalder

- i got really confused when i saw 2019 bc its only 2016 but then i remembered the useless and annoying time jump they did <<< TVD didn't even end in 2019 it ended in 2017 tf

TVD 6x02. I don't ship them but in this moment because I am so lonely and I love this my heart broke into a million pieces

TVD I ship them so hard & in this moment because they are so perfect my heart broke into a million pieces for Elena because she lost him & for him because she was erasing him.