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Como Se Llama Mug  Perfect mug for Spanish teachers and students, llama lovers or people who appreciate a good sense of humor. #mugs

Como Se Llama Mug with llama image

I thought I was pretty cool until I realized that plants can eat the sun and poop out air. #funny #comedy #humor

High School Science: I thought I was pretty cool until I realized that plants can eat the sun and poop out air.

Love coffee

Step aside Monday, this is a job for Coffee! :: Coffee to The Rescue! Stop by on your way to work Monday morning!

Always remember: Archaeology =/= Palaeontology

drawingdinosaurs: “ I don’t how many times I’ve heard people say archaeology instead of palaeontology. I’ve had people time and time again notice my interest in palaeontology and ask “So do you want.

It isn't always bad to be a "no" person.

H.E. Double Hockey Sticks…NO! Learning to use that little gem of a word

I have got to get me one a' these!!

Some days I feel I could use this much coffee ~ World's Largest Coffee Cup

I remember doing a challenge stretch about working out, walking to be exact. I sprained my ankle.  Next time set another one, broke the other leg.  Next time set it again, broke my hip.  Next time my son Dan asked me not to set it again.  Probably thought I would break my neck. But I didn't, this time it worked. And to this day I do 5000 steps or more every day. Carol Reynolds

Instant Human Just Add Coffee Funny Painted Wood Sign via Etsy

38 Funny Pictures for Today - Dummies of the Year shares the funniest pictures, cutest animals, and most popular videos every single day!

Beautiful Handmade Gifts - Humourous Coffee Mug I know a friend who would use that :D

I need to either a) make one of these or b) find it on Etsy to buy because I don't function in the morning without my cup of coffee haha

(Open Rp with Veronica) I was walking down the hall when suddenly I had an asthma attack.

Coffee Inhaler on

But for real, I have asthma, so I should totally get the starbucks inhaler, lol!

Ninjago: Trust Me by ~witch-girl-pilar on deviantART- this is one of the coolest things I have ever seen!

Ninjago: Trust Me by ~witch-girl-pilar on deviantART Ninjago/Durarara