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Harper's Bazaar - Val Kilmer - Jun 1995

Back in the day buffet: Val Kilmer. He was hot stuff as Ice man in Top Gun and Simon in The Saint.

Val Kilmer Serengeti Eye wear mid 2000s

I love Val.when He was young and now that He's older,get over the fact that He's heavier,it's still Val Kilmer.

Val Kilmer- I'll take Saint Kilmer in my stocking at the holidays

Young Val Kilmer, so sexy! It's a shame hes a fatty now. It's ok Val, it happens to the best of us.

Good lord Val Kilmer back in his prime. The prettiest lips ever seen on a man.

Val Kilmer, one of the greatest humans ever, he has been Batman, Jim Morrison and Iceman. He is also an avid musician. This does seem a mite.

Val Kilmer..."Real Genius"(1985), "Top Gun"(1986), "Willow:(1988), "The Doors"(1991), "Batman Forever"(1995), "Mindhunters"(2005), "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"(2006)...I'll stop there.

The Saint - Val Kilmer wearing the Saint pin Emma gave him expressing her love for him.