Look at her face. I always thought my flat coated retriever mix would have been a good mom, she's so sweet.

Der unschuldige Labi-Blick - perfektioniert! :) | cutepuppyoftheday.com | #Labrador #LabradorRetriever

I'm a dog girl but look at those eyes?(*^% And that cute widdle body and those flopsy ears!

Bubble and sleek: Winner in the 16 and Under category. Photo taken by Jessica Keating ~ MAGNIFICENT BLACK LAB ~

I'm ready for my curtain call: From a drenched pooch in a shower to puppies at play, amazing images from Kennel Club Dog Photographer of the Year contest

loving black labrador dog. I want to take a pic like this of Milly

Stunning picture of a black lab I adore blk labs. Zorro liked to nip at ur heels with his very pointy baby teeth Lol

My lab slept like that, it was so funny :-D

This is the kind of sleep I get on weekends and days off. A good night's sleep is the best and I DESPISE IT when people wake me up. Beautiful Labrador Retrievers, by the way.