The Boat Studio 1876 - Claude Monet

Monet - Le bateau atelier (The Boat Studio) 1876 ; Oil on canvas, 72 x cm x 23 in); The Barnes Foundation, Merion, Pennsylvania, Monet


۩۩ Painting the Town ۩۩ city, town, village & house art - Claude Monet

Claude Monet 1885-The Rock Needle and the Porte d’Aval

The Rock Needle Seen through the Porte d'Aumont Artwork by Claude Oscar Monet Oil Painting & Art Prints on canvas for sale

Claude Monet in his studio in Giverny, 1920. Photo by Henri Manuel.

Claude Monet in front of his paintings 'The Waterlilies', in his studio at Giverny, 1920 (gelatin silver print) Photo by Henri Manuel.

Claude Monet

Landscape - Claude Oscar Monet - Pastel how can you make an impression with pastels that could be a photo almost.

Claude Monet - The Grand Canal

"The Grand Canal, Venice" -- 1908 -- Claude Monet -- French -- Oil on canvas -- Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

The River Epte - Claude Monet

The River Epte - Claude Monet. I remember drawing something like this in grade. It was no way near as excellent as this.

De vrouw met haar zoon

Claude Monet captured his family in "Madame Monet and her Son." This masterpiece, originally painted in depicts Monet’s first wife Claude and their eldest son, Jean. Hand painted oil painting reproduction (also In the Victorian era art

Willard Metcalf - The Poppy Field (c.1886)

~ "The Poppy Field" by Willard Metcalf, aka Willard Leroy Metcalf American Artist who studied at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston .