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Mother, can you see me? Can you hear me? Today marks 5 years since you left us to be with God. I miss you and love you, but now you are healed and happy. It would be selfish of me to want you back. We will be together again one day soon. I will give you a yellow rose. Tell Daddy that I love and miss him, too, and am glad you are together. xoxoxo

Daddy, Grandma, Momma, Truly miss you all and know we will meet again one day.


The boys and I miss you brother. We miss your laugh, your smile. he'll even your tears. Lup, I font go a single day without missing you

I miss you so much, Jeffrey

So true. There is a sadness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness but of power. They are messengers of overwhelming grief and of unspeakable love.

Please, I beg of you my love. RIP

Daddy and momma please come home.I miss you so much and I need you more than heaven does.please God I wish it could be so.

Today I'm waiting to have a biopsy done on one of my kidneys. Can't help but feel this sadness roll over me. The loneliness... Seen slot of my friends come and go and now at this point in life I wish I had most of them still. I'm ready to leave this nightmare. - M

Depression sad lonely hurt tired anxiety alone hate broken fat thoughts ugly worthless failure unwanted