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White horse head shot mane hair in long curls, winter in Pennsylvania, PA, USA

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White Horses Coming Out Of The Surf

WHITE HORSES ARE GORGE TOO. This is an absolutely beautiful pic of white horses galloping through the ocean. It looks like something from Lord of the Rings.

kafa güzel herhalde...

Funny pictures about When drunken girls try to pose for a picture. Oh, and cool pics about When drunken girls try to pose for a picture. Also, When drunken girls try to pose for a picture.

Gypsy Vanner Horse

Animals Gypsy Vanner horse head shot with long flowing mane and forelock hair of her winter coat, a purebred black and white paint purebred animal, Pennsylvania, PA, USA.


Fairytale secret garden wedding with vintage dress in pink layered tulle / Photography Copyright Kristen Booth / Love My Dress

Fjord Horse - http://disneyismyescape.tumblr.com/post/55351791424/you-dumb-frozen-haters

This one doesn't have its mane cropped like most Fjords! Breed: Norwegian Fjord Country of Origin: Norway Average Height: - Usual colour: Dun Uses: Farm work, driving, packhorse and children's horse.


Beautiful Black horse with half a white face eating grass with it hanging out of his mouth. Great looking grass! Only a horse lover would notice the yummy grass. Beautiful face and full long white mane.

draftmare: “ scarlettjane22: “  Bilbo from Beth D on Pinterest ” This horse has better hair than me.  ”

Here's Bilbo, an Ardennais from Belgium, enjoying his time through Canadian winter in Sutton, Canada.

my misty morning

Thoroughbred Belarusian Groshadkina fall photo by Alexis Khrushchev . blended yellow in autumn Color)* ♥♥♥


Trotting brown and white Gypsy mare foal. The Gypsy Horse is a relatively new…