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Nature's Beauty Is Everywhere ! by Judylynn Malloch, via 500px

Nature is full of beauty at every turn and this little green crowned brilliant had stopped just long enough to gather a little more nourishment for the day. The gardens of Sevegre, Costa Rica, are the home to many beautiful species of hummingbirds.

In this incredible capture we see a Snowy owl (Bubo scandiacus) about to pounce on its prey. The yellow-eyed, black-beaked, white bird is 52–71 centimetres (20–28 in) long, with a 125–150 centimetres (49–59 in) wingspan. These birds can weigh anywhere from 1.6 to 3 kilograms (3.5 to 6.6 lb) and are one of the largest species of owls.

A snowy owl blends well with its snowy surroundings Harfang en vol 1 - Owl - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Velvet-purple Coronet Hummingbird

~ Whitfield's Home ♥ In The Country ~: Homemade ♥ Hummingbird Nectar

Wine-Throated Hummingbird... | Most Beautiful Pages

Wine-throated Hummingbird - Photography by Jose Yee . It is not a "Calliope Humming Bird" whatever that may be.

I Visited The Caribbean To Shoot Hummingbirds | Bored Panda

I Visited The Caribbean To Shoot Hummingbirds

I'm Kunito Imai, a nature photographer in Tokyo. One of my longtime dreams was to shoot hummingbirds.