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Let's go! I will pin this again just because I love Secret Garden!!!!)

Let's go! I will pin this again just because I love Secret Garden!

Girl Meets World (3x08)                                                                                                                                                     More

"Girl Meets Ski Lodge" (Maya's crush on Uncle Josh is adorable)<<Let us take a second and realize if they get married Maya will be Riley's aunt.

non-hallyu fans will have no idea why this is an important phrase to learn in…

Even Trump is offended by this

Because there's a reason he's making that face. Someone is about to be taught a lesson! so teach me .

Learn Korean, Park Yoo Chun (JYJ), JYJ

What better way to learn Korean than with the dramas we love? Love K-dramas? Want to learn Korean? This is the collection for you!


Learning Korean - Interesting how these online "flashcards" use images from films, dramas, celebrity photo shoots, etc. to get your attention

I'm sorry!

How to say I'm Sorry.when pronouncing the M marries the B making the sound of this phrase sound like "Bianhae" <--- Thanks for the pronounciation, that is where I need help :)

too funny... I have a real knack with the pause button..

I just realized this is from Boys Over Flowers! I have been watching this lately and I'm pretty sure that was my face when this happened 😂😂😂

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