very brief overview of some primary fonts and their origins

laphamsquarterly: “ Are any of these fonts your favorite? Please don’t say it’s Papyrus. Five hundred years of fonts, good and bad. ” We heart fonts.

Hilarious Graphic Design Pun Cards | UltraLinx

these graphic design pun cards from sara heffernen made me laugh. she uses type to play with the perfectionist, *slightly* OCD tendencies that make designers great.

Papyrus IS a bit hokey. 18 Rules for Using Text and typography, useful for infographics and blogs

18 Rules for Using Text #infographic

18 for - If your document has text in it, the rules. You’ll start to see a world of in your documents, whether they be reports, brochures, or even your résumé. These rules for using text apply across the board.

handwritten fonts

50 Best Fonts - Snippet & Ink Wedding blog