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I wouldn't be able to eat this because the bugs look too real

so pretty! Tulip Wedding Shower Cake The cake was confetti cake filled with blackberry and meyer lemon filling. The cake featured white tulips, lots of ladybugs, and 2 love bugs

Isaiah 48:17 - I love this scripture. Jehovah teaches us what is best for us. I love him.

The one and only (Most High, Almighty) God, Jehovah. See also Psalm

The song "East to West" is on the KSBJ Afternoon show right now...so awesome that the lyrics are straight from the pages of the Bible! Thank you, Lord, that you forgive us "far as the East is from the West".

As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us.

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Nothing Is Permanent In This Wicked World, Not Even Our Troubles

Nothing Is Permanent In This Wicked World, Not Even Our Troubles

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Says it all This was the Mosaic Law given to Moses. It was given from his God, Jehovah. When Jesus came he summed up all the Laws in Love of God and Love of Neighbor. Jesus did not ask for worship. He directed worship to his Father in heaven, Jehovah.