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Dark Side of Typography

Dark Side of Typography

Egon Schiele: title unknown [hands clasping another's waist], Line drawing, ink…


A contour drawing by Sophie Rambert. from Melancholie, not complete/include the face so the viewer must imagine the expression

artimportant: “Egon Schiele - Klimt in a light Blue Smock, 1913 ”

I love the scratchy loos marks of Egon Schiele line, Its almost as if the line carried it self. Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt in blue painter’s smock, 1913

Egon Schiele Egon Schiele Artist : More At FOSTERGINGER @  Pinterest

Mains Egon Schiele Hands are the most difficult thing for me to paint or draw. Schiele is a master no doubt. Most of his work is grotesque and elongated proportions. Very cool ~unknown

Modern Art - Mime van Osen with crossed arms - by Egon Shiele, 1910

Egon Schiele “Osen mit überkreuzten Händen” / “Mime van Osen with crossed arms”

Seated Woman with Bent Knee by egon Schiele. This is one of his more modest artworks.

off Hand made oil painting reproduction of Seated Woman With Bent Knee, one of the most famous paintings by Egon Schiele. Egon Schiele’s 1917 canvas Seated Woman With Bent Knee is an intense early Expressionist painting completed just a year befo.

Egon Schiele. Self Portrait with peacock waistcoat, standing 1911, gouache, watercolour and crayon. NGV Vienna Art and Design: Egon Schiele

Self-Portrait, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark

Self Portrait with peacock waistcoat, standing gouache, watercolour and crayon. NGV Vienna Art and Design: Egon Schiele

'Emilie Floege' by Gustav Klimt The modernism includes such art movements as impressionism, symbolism, modern, expressionism, neo- and postimpressionism, fauvism, cubism, futurism, as well as later art forms - abstract art, dadaism, surrealism

Portrait of Emilie Floge, 1902 by Klimt