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I want one in each of my favorite colors: emerald green, cobalt blue and this purple - Discover the amazing Olde English Witch Balls from Kitras Art Glass, they make amazing gifts! Check out our selection of gifts for dog lovers and home decor.

Kitras Art Blown Glass 6" Olde English Witch Ball - Purple

Kitras Art Glass still honors the old world tradition of glass blowing with studios in Canada. The Olde English Witch Ball ornament is typical of their design, featuring tree trunk style threads in

52 FLEA: The Color Purple

Purple Bottles, I have a collection of old bottles. Most are blue, some are clear and a few are purple. - former pinner my bottles are clear or cobalt blue, but these are gorgeous!

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Glass Art in magnificent purples.=I am loving glass vases in all colors.

King Thingol, before the dwarves in Menegroth holding the Nauglamír restored with the Silmaril, retreived by Húrin Thalion from Nargothrond. J.R.R. Tolkien, The Silmarillion.

Elu Thingol and the Dwarves of Nogrod in Menegroth by ~steamey. Is this when Thingol gives them Nimphellos?

Merlot Coral Fleece Sheet Set | Daily deals for moms, babies and kids

Omg yes i need these in my life♡Purple Sheet Set - Colonial Home Textiles Merlot Coral Fleece Sheet Set