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Portada del catálogo del vivero italiano Flli. Ingegnoli de 1932 "Primavera 1932"

Portada del catálogo del vivero italiano Flli. Ingegnoli de 1932 "Primavera 1932"

011-Boy, Girl, in basket      ...

Johnson and Stokes, Garden and Farm Manual · Special Collections Exhibits

'The Marshall Strawberry' from 'Illustrated Hand Book' (1895). Rawson's Vegetable and Flower Seeds

‘The Marshall Strawberry’ from 'Illustrated Hand Book’ Rawson’s Vegetable and Flower Seeds. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural.

EVERITT’S SEED STORE,  Tomato 346, Vintage Seed Packet

Antique seed packet, envelope, printed by Genesee Valley Lithography Co, tomatoes

This one is not luscious. I find the expression on Uncle Sam (or Uncle Ratekin, perhaps) creepy. He seems to be directing the ear of corn to go do something, and I don't think it's altogether wholesome.  Or maybe that's just me.

Ratekin's Seed House - Shenandoah, Iowa - Men, Women and Children Wanted to Plant Good Seeds

1904 - Salzer's1904 [catalogue] / - Biodiversity Heritage Library

Cornflower, Chickens, Girl - high resolution image from old book.This JPEG image is a high resolution printable scan of an old page (or plate, or engraving, or lithograph) from antique book published before

❤ Vintage Art Seed Label Poster Print! ☮~ღ~*~*✿⊱ レ o √ 乇 !! - Victorian Style.

"Howard & Morrow Seeds" Glossy Art Print Taken From A Beautifully Illustrated Vintage Seed Catalogue Or Seed Packet Cover.

Seed Catalogs from Smithsonian Institution Libraries

IOWA 1898 Seed Catalogs from Smithsonian Institution Libraries [also Smithsonian back NICE Goldfish

Vintage World War 1 Poster titled Liberty sowing the seeds of victory image of a painting by Frank V. DuMond 1917; Poster showing Liberty, in a red, white and blue liberty cap, soaring with a rainbow over a fertile landscape; text reads: Liberty sowing the seeds of victory, every garden a munition plant, for a free books write to National War Garden Commission Washington D.C., Charles Lathrop Pack, President, P.S. Ridsdale, Secretary;

"Liberty Sowing the Seeds of Victory - National War Garden Commission" ~ WWI poster to encourage growing your own food during wartime.