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The Bat-arang Money Clip

The Batarang Money Clip

Pulseira da Onda

Turn a Sound Wave into Jewelry - The Sound Advice Project makes it easier you to give a message. Each bracelet is custom made and the arrangement of the beads represents a sound wave you record.


Star Wars Book Ends / 17 Nerdy Home Decor Items to Geek Out Over

Love this ring

this could be my wedding ring, you know if I ever get a divorce from my totally ungeeky hubby and marry one of my own kind. Jk hubby :P

Innovative!.  Very cool... You know what I mean if you've played guitar for any extended amount of time!

If you play the guitar and are looking for way to use up dead gift cards look no further then the Pick Punch. The Pick Punch turns old gift cards into guitar

Batman The Dark Knight Bookshelves | OMG

For Patrick's man cave some day.Batman Bookcase - The Dark Knight Bookshelves

Audio company MUNITIO makes earbud headphones that look like 9mm bullets. They come in a variety of menacing finishes including gold, silver, & aluminum. via designboom

Munitio 9mm Bullet Earbud Headphones

For Tim--Munitio Bullet Earbud Headphones. Probably would not make it through TSA security!

Flash drive bracelets at By Nordvik on Etsy. Great simple Danish design.

Flash drive bracelets at By Nordvik on Etsy.The minimalist USB bracelet designs feature drives tethered to braided cords, which means you should can have up to 8000 photos or songs with you at any time.

AirType: Revolutionary ‘Invisible’ Keyboard of Tomorrow

Wearable Speaker and Speakerphone from Native Union

Airtype is, the keyless keyboard of the future. The innovative device fits in the palm of your hand and let´s you type on any surface, it learns your finger movements and adapts to the way you type, so you don´t need to change your typing habits, it´

Bat helmet

Funny pictures about Bat helmet. Oh, and cool pics about Bat helmet. Also, Bat helmet.

Batman knee socks with cape

These socks have capes. People, people can we please talk about how these socks have capes. These socks are AMAZING