Квадратная салфетка крючком

Pinner Wrote: yes, i realize this is a doily. however, this is a very cool site with many various home crochet patterns (lampshades!) well worth checking out!

Square motif...beautiful tablecloth!!

Here in tablecloth but could be used in bedspread. Similar to the Queen Anne's Lace square.

סרוגת דפוס שמיכה, משושת asanoha, דפוסי אפגניסטן סרוגים.  סבתא תבנית מרובעת.  מוטיב סרוג, בלוק אפגניסטן סרוג.

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images of free crocheted afghan patterns | MOTIF CROCHET PATTERNS | Crochet For Beginners

Running Water, a Big Rock, Chili Cheese Chicken, Rose Crochet Pattern & a Casita Project

Thread crochet flower potholder, crocheted from vintage pattern. Large shaded pink Irish crochet rose with green accents. Square, measures five inches across. Crocheted with crochet cotton and steel hook.