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Me, some years ago

Someone told me I was delusional. I Almost Fell Off My Unicorn. A woman wearing fairy wings, riding a unicorn.

Let's make them birds :)

They're happy birds that live in happy trees! I love Bob Ross aka the happy painter

Black unicorn.

Black and White Cool beautiful hipster Awesome Grunge dark Magic urban fantasy unicorn bw Alternative unicorns

And it's funny that a group of unicorns is called a 'blessing'.. If one doesn't exist, why did someone feel the need to make a name for a GROUP of unicorns?

Funny Friendship Ecard: A friend told me I was delusional. I almost fell off of my unicorn.


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Fairy Mystical : Foto

Beautiful picture of a unicorn running through the snow. Wild and free, it looks majestic. This is definitely one of my favorite unicorn pictures

Wise words. Unicorn lol!

Women don't fart they do however shoot tiny puffs of glitter that sound like a unicorns laughter and smell like rainbows :) lol hmmm I think I know who this is!

How can you talk if you haven't got a brain?Oh, some people without brains do an awful lot of talking- LOL- so true! ~Wizard Of Oz

Sadly true....

What are we? What do we want? To start our diet and exercise! When do we want to start? On Monday! Today is Monday. Next Monday!


I wouldn't ordinarily post the "keep calm" posters, but I love Vivien Leigh. And she has the ultimate bitch face.

Baby Unicorn is a total bad ass!

What’s better than coffee? A baby unicorn adding rainbows to your coffee. That’s a guaranteed fantastic day. via Sebastien Millon

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You can’t control everything…curly hair problems.