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Alistair Kirkland

in this picture he kinda looks like Rin on Free!Iwatobi swim club<<< I thought that too!

Oliver <-------- I thought this was Scotland?

I now acknowledge the fact that I have a legitimate crush on the probably fanmade character of APH Scotland. And I regret nothing.<<<<< hope ya have fun with that I just wish the guy was cannon


*licks screen* Scotland you are on hell of a man. <-- Si mi amigo, he is.<< Call down *fangirls* .

Scotland *nosebleeds*<<omg. Is he cannon yet (please say yeeessss I neeeeeeddd thiiisssssss hhnnnnnngghhgg)

I have a strange "obsession" about red headed anime or manga characters. Sasori, Scotland, Gaara, Rin, and Mikoto.