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Sea squirts by Mathieu Foulquié

by Mathieu Foulquié, the ocean holds some of the most beautiful and vivid colors you could ever find.

Acid Den: Now the miniature workers turn their attention to some unusual Ascidians or Sea Squirts

Life's a beach: Toy figures mingle with the fish in hilarious underwater scenes

Underwater photographer, Jason Isley, mixes toy figures with fish in surreal underwater scenes

Sea squirts

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Red Sea squirt "lamp" (Rhopalaea crassa), Indonesia

Red sea squirt "lamp" that I'll gladly put by my bed :) Rhopalaea crassa Explore 22 November 2009 Watch it glow in the dark.

You can never have too many nudibrachs.

*SAGAMINOPTERON PSYCHEDELICUM NUDIBRANCH ~ Originally described from Guam, this animal is now known from many parts of the tropical western Pacific Maximal size : 20 mm. Frequently on the reef flat zone and the fore reef zone. (psychedelicum, indeed.

Lightbulb Sea Squirts www.dailymail.co.uk article 1209615

Great Barrier Reef? No... Norfolk. Beautiful creatures that live under the sea off our coasts

Positively glowing: Just half the size of your little finger, the Lightbulb Sea Squirt uses its glass-like clusters to filter seawater and extract plankton

Ascidians are found all over the world, usually in shallow water with salinities over 2.5%. While members of the Thaliacea and Larvacea swim freely like plankton, sea squirts are sessile animals: they remain firmly attached to substratum, such as rocks and shells.

Ascidians are found all over the world, usually in shallow water with salinities…