let’s see…Will Herondale Percy Jackson Harry Potter Nico Di Angelo Sirius Black James Potter Zuko Jon snow Zach Gale….Shall I continue?

One time this occurred..

the Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, Percy Jackson, Divergent, etc. Especially with The Maze Runner lately.

So basically all my potential soul makes are dead. Or gay. Except for Sam Gamgee and Peter Pan<< well shit I am soul mates with psychopaths!

I have never read anything more true in my life, but for me it's usually the second one. If you're a friend I'll probably do the first one

And it really depends on who you are. Oh and sometimes I will be so lost in the book that when you ask me for the third time I'll just quickly flip up the cover and keep reading.

At the bookstore

me at the bookstore… this literally happened last time I went (only i bought 2 books instead of Agreed this is totally me too.

OOOH YES altho I always imagined James Potter Jr and his buds going to see Wicked and snickering at the fact that Elphaba didn't know how to ride a broom until college XD

That feeling when you fall asleep reading The Wave for the ninth time because you want to know it by heart before the movie comes out in January.

Every Remus Lupin headcanon I read is always so heartbreaking.<<< Remus is my favourite character, after Snape, so this breaks my heart every time I read a headcanon

Harry Potter Tumblr Posts 2

DEAR LORD, oh my fucking God. Someone has defiled our holy book written by our lord, savior, & queen: J.<----- Ok that book sounds awful I am so glad that I have never read it and never will.

{Harry Potter} Draco: Potter, potter, potter, potter etc. All the slytherins: shut UP alreAdy

It could go like this: And before I knew it, I was shrinking. I looked behind me. I saw a white ferret body! I started screaming (all that came out were squeaks) and running around.

I'm Peggy Sue Part 100

It took 7 years to find his weakness? Dude would have been done in on day one if the Winchesters had been there.<<<sharing for comment

This is becoming a rsal problem for me like i look up and my eyes gotta like focus and I'm like "where am i"

I once was convinced that I had cancer because of reading "Side Effects May Vary". I realized five minutes later that I, in fact, did not. (Five Minutes Quotes)