Ojos *w*

Elizabeth Taylor drawn by a Disney animator. It's perfect because she always reminded me of Elizabeth Taylor

James Lopez, Animator - 60's Caper film concept artwork

fashion a la Yvonne Craig (better known as "Bat girl" & Marlo Thomas (better known as 'That char character

Cores + Cores!

The layers on colour and shapes have built up an image of a face, this is known as vector images. Having different shapes as different colours inhances the detail on the face which makes it


American artist Moby Francke is best known for his work as character designer for Valve's iconic game Half-Life 2 and also art lead for Team Fortress Check out some of his work here and visit his website for more. More illustrations

"Baby I miss you when the memories creep into my mind baby I miss you tears of desperation make me blind.." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4GSz-f5QuY ℒ◯ѵ€ ♥

Kyrie is a Korean illustrator who freelances mostly for the games industry. Her work as a character designer is a welcome change from the armoured men, dragons, thick necks and post-apocalyptic wastelands you normally see around here.