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Honestly is it bad that my first thought was "Who the F was in charge of their wardrobes in the first one? Those suits fit like crap."

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. Jensen looks like he hasn't changed much but he still looks scared in both lol. Jared has changed soo much and he's just like taking control like he can sense Jensen being freaked out

Not sure if it's so funny because of the Dean face, or if I really need to sleep.

It's a demon trap made of Outback Steakhouse.aaaand Walmart is the gate to hell.

Sam and Dean flashbacks

"After School Special" and "Bad Boys" how Sam and Dean remember Sam and Dean <<holy shit :O

if Lucifer needs permission to enter someone's body, rapists are worse than Lucifer

"If you're worse than Satan you have a problem." Lol for the Supernatural reference!

I honestly wonder if this is true... If so... That sucks...

The fandom actually turned something really sad into something really funny. Well done my friends. Well done